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This exhibition year is about to end and one of the conclusions that can be drawn is the fact that it was a year with only highlights. To round it off we went to the championship clubshow on December 10 where Mrs. E. Upmeijer was asked to judge the dogs. 28 Shibas were entered for this year's show. And hey..., what a debut for this young lad: Jaklho No Katsuarashi Go "Storm", son out of Amity by Sumo and owned by Yvonne and Lambert Verver. Storm was first in puppy class with qualification "very promissing". Of course Avalon was there too and like she did on the previous  4 shows, now again she was best bitch and Best Of Breed, giving her the official title of "CLUB WINNER 2006". With Avalon this year has been a concatenation of successes, while her dam, Amirah, in between, also came home with the nicest results. We will enjoy this all for a very long time. The absolute "top-of-the-tops" was the Best-In-Groop win of Avalon at Amsterdam Winner-show. 

As if it never stops....
The "WINNER-show, Amsterdam: the biggest dogshow in the Netherlands and one of the most prestigious shows of Europe, because of the nice titles that can be won. November 25 was the day. A nice entry of 23 Shibas was judged by Mrs. W. vam Deijl. among them also entries from England.  Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon" was entered in junior class (for winning the title "junior winner" is a one-time possibility) and she won this class. She also was chosen best bitch, meaning she won the title "JUNIOR WINNER"as well as "WINNER". And finally the judge gave her Best Of Breed!
In the ring of honour the group was judged by Mr. M. Croeser from South Africa. What an unbelievable thrill it was when, from 45 Spitz and Primitiv breeds,  Avalon won the group. What a sensation! What a fantastic moment.

Today it was Avalon's turn (daughter of Sumo and Amirah). On November 18, at the "Eurodogshow" in Kortrijk-Belgium, a Specialty for Japanese breeds was organized. Under the Japanese judge, Mr. Teruyoshi Sugahara, 35 (!) Shibas were entered. What an incredible result for Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon" as she wins best bitch and BOB. In the ring of honour, where a judging for Japanese breeds is helt, Avalon is placed 2nd, after the beautiful Akita: Yumenoshima No Seiran Go "Seiran" owned by our good friends, Lambert and Yvonne Dircks of Yumenoshima Akita's.

Another highlight...! Two days in a row showing dogs in Dortmund-Germany: the Bundessieger-Zuchtschau, one of Europe's biggest dogshows. On Friday the 13th (!) of October Mrs. Susanne Faust from Germany judged the 19 entered Shibas. The next day, Mr. Walter Pinsker from Canada judged 22 Shibas at the Jahrhundert-Siegerschau (Centennial-Championship-show). Ch. Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" does an anamazing job by winning best bitch on both days. The male Ch. We-Sedso Zen Kessaku, owned by our good friends Jytte and Helle Röschke, does the same. Amirah wins BOS on Saterday and she is BOB on Friday.

With these wins Amirah is now International and German (VDH) Champion. She already was Dutch Champion. A fantastic weekend and wthout a doubt  worth the 1050 kilometers cardrive.

And then there was the nice looking Sumo daughter: Kiyonishiki Go Narmenak, owned by Joop Postma, also winning a nice result at the Jahrhundert-Siegerschau. She wins the reserve championship with VDH - res.CAC-res.CACIB.

And Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon" continues to do what she has been doing throughout this year, which is winning at dogshows!! On September 30, at the Maastricht dogshow, under judge Mr. M. van de Weijer, Avalon wins CAC-CACIB, best bitch and also BOB. In the group, under judge Mrs. P.C. Zwaartman-Pinster, she wins a nice group-3

September 17 and on our way to Zwolle's "IJsselshow". We all were pleasantly surprised when we saw that 16 Shibas had been entered for the show. A great number for a "normal" International Show. Mr. Rony Doedijns had been asked to judge the Shibas and the results that our dogs achieved are phenomenal. Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon" is today exactly 15 months and 1 day old. This is the minimum age to leave the junior class and begin the competition for the International ticket (CACIB). She did this with flying colors. She was best bitch with CAC-CACIB and also BOB. Reserve bitch was her half sister Imõto No Matsuri Go Narmenak "Imõto", owned by Tiny and Albert Hensema. What the Ring of Honour brought us is unforgetable. Group-1 and there are no words to describe our feelings of how proud we are of our own bred Avalon.

The after-season has started. And just look what a magnificent result has been achieved by Ch. Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" at the Championship Clubshow of the Belgian Akita/Shiba Club at Evergem on September 10.  No Dutch Clubshow this year, which made a lot of exhibitors travel all the way to Belgium,  Very kind welcomed by the Belgian organization.. 31 Shibas had been entered under judge, Mr. Piet Roosenboom. Amirah was champion bitch (CAC) ánd BOB.

And again an outdoors-show, which is a rather unique event in Europe. But what's more, today's show was bathed in sunshine even more than the previous time. It seems as if  success goes hand-in-hand with this wonderful weather. Hulten dog-show on June 18. Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo" wins the open class and gets res.CAC-res.CACIB. With this he now is "Dutch Champion". Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon", although out of coat, wins 1st excellent in junior class. She is also Best Bitch with CAC. This is Avalon's 3rd win in Junior class and with this win she now is "Dutch Junior Champion". She is the first Shiba ever that achieves this title and you can imagine how ptoud we all are. Mrs. P.C. Zwaartman-Pinkster was judge over the 13 entered Shibas.

We had a nice, sunny day in Selfkant-Süsterseel, where our neighbours from the East (Germany) organized the Grenzlandsieger-Clubshow. The results on this beautiful day were stunning. Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo" owned by Tiny, Albert and Sonja Hensema won CAC(DCNH) and the VDH, the tickets for German and German Club-championship. He was best male. Ch. Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" was best female, also with CAC(DCNH) and VDH. She won BOB. And Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon" won a nice 1 Excellent and was best Junior of Breed. The judge was Mr. Guido Schäfer, who did his first Shiba judging in an excellent professional way.

A tradition on Easter-Monday is the Leeuwarden dogshow. Early in the morning we're on our way to the north. Judge Mrs. W. van Deijl judged the 9 entered Shibas. Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon" is only 10 months old and she is doing so great. She won best female and her 2nd CAC. Tiny, Albert en Sonja Hensema's Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo" was 1st in opne class and won res.CACIB.

Let's keep it short this time. Again a fantastic win for Ch. Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah". In Antwerp, on April 9, under judge Mr. A. de Wilde from Belgium she won best bitch, CAC-CACIB and she was also BOB. Apparently Belgium likes Amirah. 9 Shibas were entered.

It's been a long while I went to Luxembourg, not really being my favorite show. The distance is part of the reason. Mr. P. Harsanyi from Hungary judged 18 entered Shibas. At her second show Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon" did very well. She won the junior class and with this win she achieved the title of "Luxembourg Junior Champion". Ch. Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" won a second place in champion class and res.CAC. 

On March 18, Jaklho Future Road to Avalon "Avalon" is 9 months old and 2 days. Winning championship tickets at Dutch dogshows is possible from the age of 9 months. Today, K.C.  Zeeland organizes her annual "Dogshow Goes" and we are really so proud that Avalon wins her first CAC under judge, Mr. J. Schepers. What's more, she wins BOB. In the Ring of Honour, under judge Mr. Th. Leenen from Belgium, Avalon is placed 6th in group. A fantastic debute for Avalon at the dogshow.

A fantastic start at the beginning of this new exhibition year. Like last year, one of our ladies did great at the "Schaal Der kempen", which is the first show (today on January 8) in the new year at Hoogstraten, Belgium. Ch. Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" won CAC-CACIB and also BOB onder Mr. P. Roosenboom from Belgium, this being his first appearance as judge of Shibas. There were 11 Shibas entered.


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