Shows in 2009

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Brussel's Dog Show on December 13. There were entered 18 Shibas on this exciting day. Breed specialist Mrs. Liz Dunhill from England was invited to judge. Under her kennelname "Vormund", for years and years, she has been breeding and showing very succesfully her Japanese Shiba Inus.
This day brought us such a huge surprise. Entered in Champion class Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" won and was chosen best male with CAC-CACIB. His "big" (read: older) sister Jaklho Future Road To Avalon "Avalon" won also from the Champion class in which 5 females were entered. She got  CAC-CACIB and Best Of Breed. Mrs. Dunhill was very impressed by our dogs and she thanked us for showing under her these nice Shibas. What an honour for Avalon and Shogun...! Both Avalon and Shogun won the title of "Belgian Winner" and on top of this, Avalon now is "Belgian Champion" . What a fantastic, wonderful day this was.
On December 6, In Wels in Austria Ch. Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" won CAC-CACIB and Best Of Breed, He also was placed 5th in group-5. Mr. R. Schill from Rumenia was judge and with this win Shogun is now also "International Champion"

Tiny and Albert Hensema went to the Bundessieger Zuchtschau (Germany) on October 17 and returned home with a nice title, won by their beautiful male bred by/owner: Raiden Of  The Willow Tay "Raiko". He won the junior class and was awarded with the title "Bundesjugendsieger". Judge was Mrs. Barbka Novak (Slo)

Om October 11, 2009 the Dutch Shiba/Akita Club organized the yearly club show. We all had a fantastic day, met friends and we enjoyed Mr. Christen Lang's (Norway) judging.
We'll show you a photo impression of the day.
Click on the image left and you will see a photo impression of the day and the results that some dogs achieved.

Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" by Bea en Freddy Dhondt achieved some nice results. He won CAC, CACIB's and/or BOB's in Zutphen (Mrs. W. van Deijl), Liévin, France (M. Klein), Luxembourg (Dhr. T Leenen), Wels, Austria (Mrs. S. Kirschbichler) and Dieppe, France (Mr. Le Magnan). Well done and it gave him a nice new title of "Luxembourg Champion".

We are extremely proud to announce that Jaklho No Akatsukihime Go "Suki" from Gladys Mueller won her final major that made her finish her USA championship title. She won this at the "Scott County Kennel Club" on May 10, under judge Dr. Gerard Penta.

March 1, 2009.
And more good news from abroad. Jaklho No Akatsukihime Go "Suki", owned by Gladys Mueller won Winners Bitch at the Wisconsin Kennel Club Dogshow. This being her first major on het way to her USA Championship title. Again it was Tammy Szabo who showed her beautifully, this time under judge: Mrs. Monica Canestrini.

Abroad, many, many miles from home, Ch. Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" obtains  some very nice results for his owners Bea and Freddy.

On February 14, at the show in Fredericia (Denmark), under judge Mrs.  Ligita Zake (Estonia). Shogun wins CAC-CACIB - Best Of Breed
On February 21, at the show in Fribourg (Switzerland), under judge Mr. Stefan Sinko (Slovakia), Shogun wins CAC-CACIB - Best Of Breed
On February 12, at the show in Fribourg (Switzerland), under judge Mrs. Alejandra Galofre Moragas (Spain), Shogun wins CAC-CACIB - Best Of Breed

No need to talk a lot about this; let the pictures speak for themselves. A fantastic win for Bea and Freddy's  Ch. Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun". On February 7, in Eindhoven, "K.C. de Kempen", he was chosen Best Of Breed and Best In Group. Judge was Mr. Mr. G. Nijmann from Denmark.

On January 11, in Paris, France, immediately it was a hit, when Ch. Jaklho Sir Tristan "Shogun" showed his face on his first show of the year. He took CAC-CACIB and was also Best Of Breed under judge mr. Claude Voilet. 19 Shibas were entered.



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