Shows in 2012

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WINNER- Amsterdam. On Saterday, Novemver 24, Mrs. marion ten Cate judged the 30 entered Shibas. It was going to be a wonderful day...
From a "strong" junior class, Sutamuroku Naomi "Naomi" got a 4th place with ecxcellent. Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper", not far from being back in a new, clear coat, won CAC-CACIB and with this he won the fantastic title of "WINNER 2012". He continues a nice family tradition, because his mom and both grandparents on mother's side won one or more Winner titles...
On November 11, one of the two breed clubs for the Shiba, the NSCA, organized the yearly championship clubshow. Mr. Erwin Manders was invited to judge the 35 entered Shibas. Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper", got a 3rd place in open class. For Sutamuroku Naomi "Naomi" it was her first appearance in the show ring. She got 2nd place in junior class. Also for Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" it was his first show ring appearance and he was awarded with Best Puppy! On the picture: Guy.
For the third time in a row Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" wins Best Of Breed at an international dogshow. This time it was KC Dordrecht's "Bleiswijk Dogshow" at November 3 and Mrs. Ineke Zwaartman-Pinster awarded Keeper with CAC-CACIB-BOB.
In Holland, at October 6 and 7, organizing a (partial) outdoors show. Hmmmmm.... How much mud can one have, when you have entered your nicely groomed dog at such a show. After a huge amount of rain on Saterday, the oudoors area of the show had changed into a swamp. Luckily we had the fortune of a nice, sunny day on Sunday, with a comfortable temperature.
Judge, Mr. jan Meijerink had been invited to judge the Shibas. His best mle and BOB was Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper". The CAC for the females went to Tiny Hensema's Atari of the Willow Tay.  Keeper got a group-4.
What a lovely day... Splendid weather, a nice outdoors show, chatting with friends and a good result. And this all on September 8 in "De Meent" in Alkmaar (KCWF)
Mrs. Tiny Hensema judged the Shibas and for her this was the first time to do this on a championship dogshow. Her best male was
Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" and he was also rewarded with Best Of Breed. In the ring of honour Keeper was selected among the last 6 dogs of group 5.
After an absence of 9 months we finally went to a show again. On August 25, Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper", together with 20 other Shibas, was entered for Dogshow Rotterdam. Judge Mr. Piotr Król from Poland judged the Shibas and awarded Keeper with the reserve championship ticket res.CAC - res.CACIB

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