Shows in 2004

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A very nice day today, December 19, at Wijchen's "Christmas-show", where  Mrs. Ann Arch judged the Shibas. The reserve male championship ticket was for Sonja, Tiny and Albert Hensema's Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo". A wondeful result was there for Tiny and Albert's Imõto No Matsuri Go Narmenak "Imõto", just 9 months old and already now winning her first championship ticket. She was best female.
December 12, Brussels Dog Show 2004. We'll keep it short today: Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" is winner of the junior class and with this she wins her 3rd junior title in a row: "Belgian Junior Winner".   Ch. Hi-Jinx Amity "Amity" is best female with CAC-CACIB and achieves the title of "Belgian Winner". Mr. M. Karrock from Germany judged the 11 entered Shibas.

We now almost have reached the end of this exhibition year and we may come to the conclusion that this has been a fantastic succesfull year for us. Our dogs won so much and it really makes us feel so proud. For the year 2005 we plan a few littters and as a result of this we may be not as often at the shows as this year. 

November 27: Amsterdam-WINNER. We are incredible proud that Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" won her 2nd junior title: "Junior-Winner 2004". And what's more, she wins the reserve championship ticket. Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo" wins the male junior class, but frankly it was so disappointing that his qualification, just as the other males in his class, was a "very good", meaning that the junior-title is not being awarded. Judge was Mrs. Anita Gielisse, who judged the 22 entered Shibas.

A very nice success for Tiny en Albert Hensema's Imõto No Matsuri Go Narmenak "Imõto" at the K.C. West-Friesland's clubmatch: Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Such a nice beginning of her show-career for this pretty young lady. Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo" was BOB and got a group-2. Judge was Mrs. I. Zwaartman-Pinster. Pictured is Imõto.

Today, November 13, K.C. Dordrecht's dogshow in Bleiswijk, we had the privilege to expose our dogs under Mr. Christen Lang, very prominent breeder of Shibas from Norway. The 16 entered Shibas gave us this wondeful result: The female championship ticket was won by Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" and she was awarded with BOB. In the Ring of Honour she achieved a group-3 which gave her qualification for "Dog of the Year-Show". " which will be held next February. Wow.... what a day!!!

The good thing of autumn/winter is the fact that our dogs put on their winter coats again and the big important shows are there again. On October 15 it was Dortmund's Bundessieger-Zuchtschau (Germany), one of Europe's most prestigious dog shows. And our dogs did fabulous. Tiny and Albert Hensema's own bred male, Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo", now living at daughter Sonja's place, won, from the junior class, the title "Bundesjugendsieger 2004". The same, now with the females, did Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah". She did became "Bundesjugendsiegerin 2004". Ch. Hi-Jinx Amity "Amity", after her litter, slowly returning to her top-condition, was awarded with best female en the title "Bundessiegerin 2004". Oh yeah... Pat Doescher of "Hi-Jinx"-kennels was very very proud! To complete this list of winners...: the beautiful male, Ch. We-Sedso Zen Kessaku, owned and bred by Jytte and Helle Röschke won best male and BOB. The judge, responsible for these results, was Mrs. Assenmacher-Feyel from Germany.

A SUPER day for our dogs at the annual championship clubshow of the Dutch Akita/Shiba Club (N.V.A.I.) on October 3, 2004. Former President of the club, Mrs. Gerda Schaufeli was invited  to judge the dogs and she did the job in her so well known and expert way. Here is an enumeration of the successes that the dogs achieved: Best male CAC and BOB Ch. Seiryu Go Niigata Kiyosatosow "Sumo". Best female CAC and BOS, Ch. Mai Gentama Hime Go Narmenak "Genta".  The reserve championship, res.CAC for the males was won by Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo" and reserve championship, res.CAC for the females was won by Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah".

A show-break of more than 2 months is long enough to get down to it again with fresh courage. 

Rotterdam, this year at August 28, is always the first show to start the fall/winter season. Mrs. Kavcic from  Slovenia judged the 13 entered Shibas.  From Denmark, John Hansen - kennel Alina, had come over. His Jaklho Sire Seiryu's Son " Lucky" was placed 2nd in open class with res.CAC-res.CACIB.  Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" had her first appearance at a Dutch International show and it was a great succes. She showed so nice and relaxed and she was awarded with an excellent rating to the 2nd place. 

On May 15, K.C. Dordrecht (Dordrecht's kennel club) organized it's yearly "Young-Dog-Competition". All dogs, age 6 - 24 months and from all breeds, were devided in puppy class, junior class and young dog class. From a strong field of competitors, Hi Jinx Amirah "Amirah" achieved a 3rd Best In Show in junior class.

Zeeland's only dogshow this year took place at April 24, and Mrs. Gerda Schaufeli was invited to judge the Shibas. . Newcomer Kendo of the Willow Tay "Kendo", owned by Tiny and Albert Hensema was best male and at the age og 9 months old he won CAC. 

March 15, 2004 - DOG OF THE YEAR SHOW

Under judge Mrs. Gerda Schaufeli Sumo wins his 11th Group-1

As a matter of facr, more text isn't neccessary. Please, watch the photos and maybe a last appearance in the show-ring of Ch. Seiryu Go Niigata Kiyosatosow "Sumo". 

February 22, 2004. It turned out to be a very nice day in Gent. The by now "well-known" Japanese delegation settled in Belgium's Gent, where this "Specialty for Japanese Breeds" was held at the same time as the 40th Flanders Dog Show. Mr. Toshitsugu Watanabe, until now unknown as a judge in Europe, was invited to judge the 31 entered Shibas. De quality of the Shibas was of a very high level, among other 6 males in the champion class. Hi-Jinx Mmm Mmm Good "Campbell", owned by our good friends Jytte and Helle Röschke from Germany won best male with CAC-CACIB. The first place in champion class males was for Ch. Seiryu Go Niigata Kiyosatosow "Sumo". He received res.CAC-res.CACIB. Best female, CAC-CACIB was Ch. Hi-Jinx Amity "Amity". The res.CAC-res.CACIB was for Hi-Jinx Dressed in Black, winning today the title of "International Champion". The second prize in the male champion class was for Jytte and Helle's Ch. Hi-Jinx Spruce "Spruce".  Campbell, who also won his title of "International Champion", was Best Of Breed. Needless to say that Mrs. Pat Doescher from Hi-Jinx kennels was totally "over the moon" with these wonderful results of the dogs that she bred. Credit to Mrs. Karen Drentlaw as well, for she is Campbell's co-breeder.

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