Shows in 2014

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On November 15 and 16, Jaklho Danny Boy won two  times CAC and with this he finished the title of Russian Champion. Congratulations to his owner: Svetlana Borisova and Danny's big friend and handler: Dasha Churakova.

This year, KC Dordrecht's international "Dogshow Bleiswijk" was held in Rijswijk. Two all-breed shows on both 1 and 2 November.  It's almost as a rule, that our dogs do very good at the K.C. Dordrecht's dogshows. Ch. Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" won res. best male on Saterday and best male and BOB on Sunday. Jaklho I'll Never Find Another You "Kizzy" did so well too. On Saterday she was 1st excellent in junior class and won res. best female. On Sunday again she was 1st excellent in junior class and with this win she finished her Dutch Junior Championship title. She did this by winning in junior class at 3 shows in a row. She's now half way her Dutch championship title and shown only a few times. Judge on Saterday was Mr. Gerard Jipping and judge on Sunday was Mr. Geir Nordahl Pedersen.

On October 12, 2014 the NVAI organized the anual championship clubshow. 25 Shibas were entered to be judged by Mr. Joop Hiddes.  Guy, Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart, as well as Kizzy, Jaklho I'll Never Find Another You were placed 1st in their classes. Later that day Guy was chosen best male and after that Best Of Breed. And this for the second time in a row. This resulting in two nice titles for Guy. He is now ClubWinner '14 but also he finished his Dutch championship title. On top of this he qualified for the next Dog of the Year-Show as did his big brother Keeper, Ch. Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your earlier this year.

Nippo - Nihon Ken Hozonkai - Jaklho Shiba Inu

On August 17, 2014, Nihon Ken Hozonkai (NIPPO), in cooperation with the World Society of Shikoku Ken, organized the first Nippo Show in Holland.
Completely flabbergasted, but above that being so happy, because our little girl, Jaklho I'll Never Find Another You "Kizzy", won Best Of Breed at this prestigious show. On top of that, she was rewarded with res. Best In Show. Not less than 80 shibas were entered for this show and the total number of entries was 144 coming from all the 6 Japanese spitz breeds: Akita, Hokkaido, Kai, Kishu, Shikoku and the Shiba. Never before , in Holland, these 6 breeds stood in the same ring, in a line-up for best In Show. Hat off for the organization.

Jaklho Shiba Inu - Nippo Show Holland

We had a great day at this year's Dog of the Year-Show in Amersfoort. Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" was not selected in the group of 22 dogs, but just being a participant alone is a big honour. And next year we'll be there again, since Ch. Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your "Keeper" already qualified.
What a fantastic way to start this year of dogshows. In Eindhoven, at K.C. de Kempen's international dogshow, Ch. Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your Pocket "Keeper" got CAC-CACIB and he was chosen as BOB. A new title, because with this win, Keeper now is also International Champion. Breed judge was Mrs. Elly Weijenborg-Weggemans. In the big ring mrs. M. O'Gorman was asked to judge group 5. First she selected 6 dogs and from these 6, Keeper was send to the 3rd place. Fantastic, because with this win Keeper has qualified for Dog of the Year-Show 2014.

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