Shows in 2015

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KC Dordrecht organized her "Dog Show Bleiswijk " and this year it was held in Hazerswoude-Dorp. As last year, it was a two-days show for all breeds. Judge for the Shibas on Saturday was Mr. Jan Meijering from Germany and on Sunday Mr. Vito Veiga from Portugal.
For this show, I had entered Jaklho I'll Never Find Another You "Kizzy" and both days she won the championship points CAC-CACIB and with these wins she finished her Dutch Championship title. Congratulations for Wilma van der Meer on winning CAC-CACIB and BOB, both days, with her male Mara-Shimas Hasha Go. And a huge "thank you!" for helping me showing Kizzie when I no longer was able to do so.
A lovely, cosy day when the Dutch Akita/Shiba club organized its annual championship club show. Newby Jaklho A World Of Our own, owned by family Middelkoop, won Best puppy In Breed. This time no prizes for Guy and Kizzy, but it didn't spoil the fun.
35 Shibas were entered for this show and judge was Mr. Jo Schepers from Holland.
Nicolette, Vica and Siva enjoyed their first club show so much!

It was June 27 when I took Ch. Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" to Genk, Belgium. Mrs. Ellie Weijenborg-Weggemans judged and she gave Guy CAC-CACIB, which means he is now International Champion *
Congratulations on Wilma's Choufume Go Shirakayasou "Kira" for wining BOB

On Friday, May 8, at the Europasieger Zuchtschau, in Dortmund, Germany, Mrs. Daniela Steffen judged the 21 entered Shibas. Ch. Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" was placed second in champion class and won res.VDH, res.CAC - res.CACIB. Congratulations on Wilma's Kensei No Fukuaoi Gp Sapporo Kagesou "Keni", who won best male and BOB

The next day, at the Dortmund International Show (The "VDH-Frühjahrsieger 2015"-show), Mrs. Gerda Kastl from Gemrnay was invited to judge the 20 entered Shibas. Now the roles were reversed and Guy won VDH, CAC - CACIB and BOB and he is a step further towards his International Championship title.

This year again, on January 11, we were invited to participate at Dog of the Year-Show in Amersfoort. Not only Ch. Jaklho Keep A Dream In Your "Keeper" had qualified, but his younger brother Jaklho Keep A Song In Your Heart "Guy" qualified as well. It's such a big honour to show your dog at this event, let alone two dogs. And both breeder/owner.
A big THANK YOU for Kristy Leest for handling Guy so perfect!


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